Machine Learning

Our Approach

  • Convert Business problem to a Data Science problem.
  • Start with a reasonable objective.
  • Identify the right technologies, architectures, and models for the problem.
  • Add human intelligence and domain knowledge to build robust features.
  • Build a scalable and end-to-end training and inferencing pipeline.
  • Launch and iterate while adding new features to the pipeline.

Machine learning algorithms

Are modeled in many ways on human minds

Technologies Stack

Cloud ML Infrastructure Services

Our areas of expertise

  • Descriptive and Predictive analysis of structured data.
  • Computer vision – Object detection based signature detection in scanned documents. Image-based document classification and extraction
  • NLP – Named entity recognition, Sequence to Sequence modeling, Sentiment analysis, Text-based classification.

Case Study

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Uber Auto-Rickshaw App
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Farmer engagement and commerce platform
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ISP Billing System Redefined

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