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About our Customer

AgriLife Technologies Private Limited is a farmer engagement platform, has its foundation in Rajasthan, India. It encompasses the districts of Shri Ganganagar, Hanumagarh, Bikaner, Jhunjhunu, Sikar, and Jodhpur region. It bridges the gap between farmer and agriculture ecosystem and brings prosperity and sustenance within the farming community by creating a unique and sustainable solution through a simple mobile phone technology and equal ground level interface.

The Challenge for us

Around 70% of the population in India lives in rural areas and 90% of their income is generated through agriculture. The rural literacy rate in India is around 74% and so people are not much acquainted with the recent developments in the agricultural sector. We were designing a product for customers who are less tech-savvy and have not experienced the internet over the phone.

There were several technical challenges such as poor internet connectivity, poor RAM phones. Also, they are not connected with the market and the market trends that may help them to grow a business through farming. The mediators such as stakeholders, brokers, and businessmen are always in profit, and farmers did not get maximum benefit after selling their crops. In this case, it becomes important that farmers require a medium to get connected with all the resources. The major challenge was to develop an application that can be easily used and understood by the farmers.

We have leveraged our learnings and insights into designing this application and making it usable.

Towards the Solution

The client wanted us to create a platform that brings connectivity between farmers and the agriculture ecosystem. To develop a platform that can be used easily by farmers it was important to understand our end users. We directly coordinated with the Rajasthan government who acquainted us with all the problems associated with farmers. Also, we visited villages and interacted with several farmers to understand and analyze the exact current scenario.

All the hard work helped us to gain a lot of insight on the farmers, their day to day activities, processes, crop cycles, and cognitive factors that governs them in final decision making at multiple places. We also got to know about the ecosystem in which farmers operate and the challenges they go through along with the factors that will motivate them and ultimately they can yield maximum benefits. We understood through the observations and discussion that one of the major inputs is that the experience and design have to be made as simple as possible. This helped us to craft various features on the platform.

Solution Deployed

  • Mobile App for farmers and field officer teams, web portal and CRM system for call center.
  • Farmer app supports real-time updates on weather and Mandi prices community features for group messaging and Q&A, e-commerce, and services platform.
  • Analytics platform for internal and external sources.
  • SMS and push notification marketing campaign platform that notifies the farmers.
  • Digital marketing and content management platform for acquisition, virality, and engagement


It is the Farmer information and advisory portal. It mainly includes news, weather, mandi, Krishi Kendra, blogs, a package of practice-based advisory (content) and insurance, subsidies, next-gen farm setup (content)


It has community services and campaign management. It includes segmentation based on location and crop, targeting using static or personalized content(weather, mandis nearby), rich content with images and banner  and scheduled notifications


It has Analytics for Farmer, Farm, Input, Output, trading. It mainly includes: Collecting Data from all source

  • Farmer: Crop data from CRM, App, Web Portal.
  • Farm: Satellite, Sensors, FO App.
  • External: Mandi prices, Weather, Commodity prices.
  • Analyze Process data from various sources to extract information.
  • Visualizing collected Data: Provide actionable insights into data by providing different visualization including trends, charts, geo maps, and heat maps.
  • Disseminate: Farmer App, Web Portal, Vendor Portal, Wholesaler, Portal, Advisor Portal.


It is a Marketplace for inputs. It mainly includes: Multi-vendor Platform to list products, prices, discounts.

  • Front-end listing product details, cart management, and checkout.
  • Payment gateway Integration.
  • Centralized Inventory and Warehouse Management.
  • Order Management.
  • Order through CRM and FO App.


It is made for Rental services for equipment and labor and it mainly includes:

  • Platform to list rentals for farm equipment.
  • Front-end listing of rental details, booking management.
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Delivery and pickup logistics and usage tracking.

It is a Marketplace for inputs. It mIt is meant for warehousing services. It mainly includes:

  • Platform to list and book warehouses for grain storage.
  • Cold storage and storage management facility to improve market timing for the sale.
  • Payment Gateway Integration.
  • Space usage and availability tracking.


It is meant for the Aggregation of produce for wholesalers. It mainly includes:

  • Aggregation services for farmers to sell their produce directly to wholesalers by cutting down the middleman.
  • Quality control services.
    Fair-price procurement service based on maximizing returns to farmers.
  • Exposure of market prices to farmers.
  • Exposure of stock to wholesalers.
  • Auction services.
  • Connected to Warehousing services.


It is for  Farm Monitoring and Controlling with sensors. It mainly includes:

  • Real-time farm monitoring and management 
  • Remote monitoring of soil quality, plant health, moisture using in-farm IoT devices
  • Remote monitoring and control of irrigation equipment 
  • Satellite-based monitoring of plant health, disease spread, yield prediction
  • Drone-based monitoring and spraying of farms 

The main idea behind Agribolo was to increase technical, economic, social and leadership skills and knowledge of farmers and bridging the gap between farmers and the market. Farmers were now able to understand the recent trend going on in prices of a particular grain and were able to reach stakeholders easily. Agribolo helps farmers to become organized in their sector. It creates a decentralized market that is transparent, accountable and sustainable.


The platform was rolled us to 200,000 farmers in northern India. There was high engagement with call center and mobile app. Analytics, campaigns helped farmers a lot for crop planning. They were now able to get correct prices for their yield. Ultimately resulted in a prosperous agriculture ecosystem.

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