An on-demand transport reservation platform

An on-demand transport reservation platform

The solution connects passengers with the nearest driver for a quick ride

  • Android/iOS
  • NodeJs/AngularJS
  • AWS
  • Transportation

In India, auto-rickshaws (motored three-wheelers) are the most preferred way of public transport as they are faster, cost-effective, and easily available. But the auto-rickshaw market remains unorganized and underutilized due to inconsistent fare, behavioral issues, and safety concerns.

Our core team and tech experts worked together to formulate an on-demand ride-booking platform solution that connects customers and drivers for –

  • One-touch booking for customers
  • Higher utilization for drivers
  • Consistent fare for both

The solution connects passengers with the nearest driver for a quick ride. The platform is an intuitive mobile application for passengers and drivers with 3rd party payment integration, gamification using ads, visualization dashboard, heat maps as well as other features like points and rewards.  Within 5 months of launch, the application had the following impact –

  • 1,00,000+ trips, 50,000+ customers, 73% customer retention
  • 4/- per trip profitability

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