Building a highly sustainable & scalable tech-ecosystem for Farmers of India

Client is an argo-innovation start-up based in India, with PAN influence.

  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Agriculture

An agro-innovation startup came up with an idea to build an agriculture ecosystem for millions of Indian farmers spread across thousands of villages in India.

Working collaboratively with the client we identified that the real-life challenges of the farmers were mainly associated with unpredictable weather conditions, availability of resources, innovative farming techniques, and inefficient sales practices.

The platform acted as a transformational wave in the agriculture practices in India –

  • Over 200000 farmers got registered from 4 states of India
  • Marketing linkages were developed from farm level extension to final marketing of produce
  • The platform helped farmers with better decision making related to farm inputs, crop protection, and harvesting
  • Availability of services at one place built a sustainable ecosystem which can be operated easily

The use case explains how the platform acted as a transformational wave in the field of agriculture in India.

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