Cloud Native Saas Platform

Cloud-Based Security Management Platform

A cloud-native SaaS platform designed to enable businesses to audit and enforce software-defined security configurations across multiple clouds.

  • SaaS Platform
  • AWS/Azure/GCP
  • Security Platform

As per McAfee statistics, 1 in 4 organizations experiences some form of data theft from the public cloud. 

To successfully defend company cloud assets and data as well as overcome the compliance challenges, companies require a flexible approach for utilizing automated solutions. A platform was required to enable businesses to implement software-defined security configurations across multiple public clouds.

Working associatively with the client, we delivered an efficient and flexible cloud-native SaaS platform that helps in reducing the risk of human error through automation, offers end-to-end visibility of assets and services, configuration anomalies, and mitigate risk.

The platform helped the client in the following ways-

  • The cloud risk was reduced by up to 80%
  • Security and risk leaders were able to implement and monitor anomalies across multi-cloud environments in real-time
  • Security managers were able to prevent any costly data breach and improve security posture.

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