Case Study


Tuktuk a rickshaw and bike ride-booking app which was developed for connecting customers or riders in a single touch and also makes fares consistent. We changed the way people commute in cities by inventing a whole new world of beautiful socially connected Last-Mile commutes using familiar Auto Rickshaws and unique Bike Rides.

The Challenge for us

In India, people from middle-income groups prefer auto-rickshaws more because they are easily available and affordable, but they are underutilized. The auto-rickshaw market is fragmented and unorganized. There are several problems such as inconsistent fare and rickshaw unavailability at a particular area. Behavioral, as well as safety concerns, also cause a problem. Also when people take public transport they usually want to travel 2-3 KM, here they face last-mile disconnects. Our concern was to make commutes available in this situation.

Taking all the challenges into consideration we decided to create a platform that will be connecting customers and drivers and will be providing mutual benefits to both. The major challenge for us was to compete with the existing online taxi booking applications and to be consistent in fares for both the riders and drivers.

Towards the Solution

With our team, we did detailed research about the auto-rickshaw market. We analyzed the problems faced by drivers. We also thought of real-life challenges faced by people while commuting long and short distances. So we thought of developing an application that has a feature of booking auto and bike rides with ease.

Solution Deployed

We ultimately developed a real-time marketplace with a social angle. That is a ride-booking application with social connectivity. We created a mobile app (Android & IOS) through which people can perform the following tasks:

  • They can book a bike and auto rickshaws.
  • Drivers compete for incoming bids and based on distance, rating and their social feedbacks they win.
  • Feedbacks (drivers and customers) propagate in the intersecting networks, and hencevinfluence behavior and eventually build loyalty.
  • Customers can share the trip details in real-time within their network, allowing their friends to track the whereabouts.
  • SOS system alerts not just the police, but also the nearby TukTuk assets.
  • With an integrated Mobile Wallet, trip transactions can be cashless.
  • Auto Rickshaws can be pooled by a maximum of 3 people. Social feedback/history helps other customers choose to opt-in or out of the pool.
  • Customers can become lift-givers when they are riding solo on their bikes.

The Platform


Our platform was live with 1000 auto-rickshaws running across Indore city with diverse passengers. There were around 500 passengers per day. All the functions were operating successfully from driver arrival to passenger having the ride.

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