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About our Customer, a company founded by Mr. Todd Grannis, has 30+ years of the foundation having its roots in Grants Pass, Oregon. VISP provides solutions for the development of billing and automation platform for wireless Internet service providers (WISP). The automation software ended up the ISP’s to Virtual ISP’s, and so the name of the company was “Visp”. This technology is being used by wireless ISP’s to streamline their billing and effectively control their operations for rapid growth.

The Challenge for us

Initially, had a desktop application version for its billing and admin management services. The client wanted to create a paradigm shift in sense of accessibility and user experience. The web platform has mobility and it can be accessed globally using any smart device. This was the major reason for switching from a desktop application to a web environment.

Towards the Solution

47Billion helped in achieving what they were aiming for. By transforming their Desktop application with altogether the latest technology to the progressive web application. Our experienced architects and designers went into high gear to meet Visp’s demand.

Working closely with the Visp’s team our backstage approach involved a lot of processes. We have done detailed market research in regards to their competitors in the US market so that the process can help us prepare proper gap analysis for the new development. As our expertise is into UX domain we were involved in understanding targeted user along with identified major flows on which product’s success depend. The entire process of research involved approximately 9 months of the time period.

Solution Deployed

While using the desktop version the major problem was that; every time the new version has launched the users were required to manually update it. With our experts, we transformed a JAVA based desktop application into a web platform utilizing the latest technologies – Frontend: React16 and Backend: Node|JS, Express, GraphQL, Apollo. The web platform has a single interface with all the information, a click away and now without any hassle, the web application can be remotely used from any device.

The major challenge we faced during this transformation was to keep the end-user experience identical. We have introduced an altogether new Dashboard for visualizing the analytics for every subscriber. It includes real-time analytics.

Dashboard Redesign

Now information like: Billing details, Contact info, Packages, Activities, Transactions, etc. related to the individual subscriber can be seen in a single Dock view.

Earlier service desk tickets were manually updated in third party calendar now there is a personalized calendar. Any tickets raised by the subscribers are redirected to the calendar of the Service desk.

We have introduced a new custom-made module called “Maps” for site location plotting.

Responsive Design


Our final goal was met. We converted a desktop application to a web version with the same experience. We were able to add certain new features that will ease the processes of ISP

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