Data Analytics Use case In Finance Sector

Data Analytics Use case In Finance Sector

12 Dec 2022
Data Analytics Use case In Finance Sector

Over the past years, companies have opened their eyes to the “value” that finance can bring to several aspects of businesses. This goes beyond the traditional role of providing a standard set of financial reports year after year.
Today business leaders are looking to CFOs to get actionable insights. Finance analytics arms CFOs with the tools to make sense of the increasingly complex world. Financial analytics may address critical business questions with ease, speed, and accuracy by combining internal financial and operational data with external information such as social media, demographics, and other customer-centric data. 

Here are specific questions that finance analytics can answer –

What is our risk exposure with particular customers, and how does each customer relationship affect working capital?
How can we streamline and enhance our business processes to make them more efficient?
Are we investing in the right opportunities based on capital and revenue, and how do our business decisions affect our key value drivers?

How profitable are my products and services across sales channels and customers?
Which customer segments may offer the most significant margins, now and in the future, and how are those margins affected by our choices today?

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