User Experience & Design
Research & Testing

There is a wide variety of users for a product and every user has a different purpose while they use it. There are several practical situations where the product can fail and here user research and testing gains importance. We are involved in investigating the users and their requirements. This adds context and insight into the process of designing the user experience. Utilizing a qualitative and quantitative approach including interviews, contextual enquiries, diary studies, personas, card sorting and usability testing we gather a lot of information from variety of users.

User Experience

Digitization is at its pace and you all use digital products in your day to day life. You use several applications and each has its own feel. We work for delivering an enhanced feel or user experience every time. User experience for any product should be designed in a way that enhances usability. We are more concerned about the things impacting our end users. We follow a structured, human-centered, iterative process of design thinking. Our dexterous team of designers and developers work to develop robust and scalable user experiences.

User Interface Design

We believe in making experiences great with humanizing technology. We have made our designing process to be an interactive discussion. It consists of understanding your business, users, and competitors. We explore, ideate and evaluate our research to define the architecture of interface and then test it further with real users and give it a final touch with the help of expert feedback.

Design Sprint
Utilizing big whiteboards to solve big challenges

When multiple brains work for a single problem, we can get outstanding solutions for it. This is the concept behind the ultimate five days process called a design sprint. It is a process utilized for validating ideas and solving big challenges through prototyping and testing ideas with customers.

On the first day, we discuss with you in person about the challenges you are facing and the scope of the week. Day 2 is all about ideating about the solutions to the prototype. Day 3 is the day of final decision. That is, the decision makers give the decisions and turn the idea into testable hypothesis. Day 4 is all about rapidly building the high fidelity prototype. Day 5 is for testing the prototype with real users.

Case Study

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