Our Work

We have altogether utilized our creativity with expertise and user engagement knowledge to build digital solutions that has solved several complex problems and transformed businesses.

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ISP Billing System redefined

A web-based billing software that is used by ISP vendors for managing their subscribers, equipment, and connections.

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Digital Bridge between Farmers and Agriculture Ecosystem

An application that bridges the gap between farmers and the agriculture ecosystem.

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Commuting becoming digital.

An on-demand transport reservation platform. It has two applications Driver app and Passenger app.

Security Platform

An automated cloud infrastructure monitoring and compliance reporting platform to visualize, monitor, and govern your cloud attack surface.

Games Club Platform

A “Games Club” platform to power a community of Indian mobile internet users to network with each other in the context of mobile games.

Router monitoring Platform

The interface design of a top-selling router manufactured by CISCO.

Digitized Ticket Management System

A cloud-based service support desk where customers and help desk agents create and work on tickets in real-time.

Real-time Plant Monitoring Platform

The visual presentation of the in-house multi-stack hydroponics system which is a real-time plant growth monitoring system.

Digital companion

It is a voice-controlled digital companion who is always there to help people with their daily rituals. It is an intuitive app that can be started by connecting it to Google devices.

Live Bus Tracking application

It is a live bus tracking application that was developed for school and parents so that they can be notified with the current location of the bus their child is traveling in.

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HEDIS Audit Management ICD Engine

eDiscovery tool for Risk Adjustment, Billing Audits & Medical Research. Cavo Health finds the words that confirm the presence of a Risk Adjustable ICD in a medical record.

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