Indoor Farm Driven By IoT 47Billion

Real-time Plant Monitoring Platform

IoT Based Real-time Monitoring System For Precision Hydroponics

  • Hydroponics
  • IoT
  • MQTT based IOT simulation engine

Vertical farming structures rely on solutions that support different hardware, integration, data collection, analytics, and automatic control over installed IoT devices within the farm.

The day to day operations depends on effective data collection and analysis, which require crop-specific simulation models so that, optimal conditions for effective plant growth can be maintained in the farms with minimum human intervention.

Thus, the need for developing a control dashboard for monitoring and controlling the amount of nutrients, irrigation, light, and other important parameters required during different stages of plant growth.

We developed a user-friendly, real-time monitoring dashboard with an enhanced, consistent user interface. It provided functions of nutrient management, irrigation management, light management, and growth zone management for optimum plant growth.

The real-time monitoring dashboard helped the client with –

  • Producing fresh vegetables with higher nutrient value 
  • 95% less water usage as compared to field farming
  • Reducing the waiting time and increasing process efficiency by allowing Multiple farm managers accessibility to the smart control dashboard.

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