Data Analytics For Telcos; 5G Billing System Optimizations

Data Analytics For Telcos; 5G Billing System Optimizations

19 Aug 2020
Data Analytics for Telcos; 5G billing system optimizations 47Billion

Worldwide 5G network infrastructure market revenue will almost double in 2020 to reach $8.1 billion – Gartner Forecast

From 4G to 5G 

4G has been used to improve the quality of services like speed, streaming and improve the experience for greater user engagement. The era of 4G made it possible for users to enjoy high quality like video streaming, online gaming etc.

The vision of 5G is becoming clear as we are approaching the end of this decade and getting ready to march into the next decade which will be ruled by 5G technologies. The emergence of 5G is likely to disrupt information & communication dynamics as the bandwidth will grow upto 5 times faster than it was in 4G, and latency reduced by almost one-third of what was there in 4G.

The Problem

The usage of high bandwidth opens many possible use-cases but one particular use case that can help telcos business to grow sustainably is Optimized Data Consumption for usage billing. With a faster jump in data traffic the massive bills would need to be processed in real-time, due to expansion in broadband which is one of the key aspects of 5G telcos that will face rapid and real-time data streaming problems.

Data Analytics addressing 5G billing challenges

Data Analytics presents the response to this exponential surge in data billing, by analyzing the primacy characteristics of data consumption e.g. user interests, usage patterns, major consumable categories like videos, gaming, live stream etc. Technologies such as Big Data Analytics, Data Lake for click-stream and Mobile Edge Computing can be put together to perform specific user/consumer behavior tracking. This provides telcos a vast set of opportunities to design tailored plans and more personalized subscription models that can avoid customer churn, customized adjustments for personalized traffic quotas.


5G will act as a supplement instead of replacement to current 4G networks by drastically improving their bandwidth, capacity and reliability. Billing optimization is an innovative and crucial use case area that can help telcos get a grip on customer loyalty and resource optimization.

Therefore, a plethora of such demanding use cases will emerge and in order to resolve and mitigate these use cases where Big Data analytics will play a significant role. Many other will explore useful areas where cutting edge technologies like Cloud, IoT, Analytics & AI/Machine Learning will get reciprocating usefulness complimenting each other.

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