47Billion Empowers Top Management with Stanford Seed Transformation Program 2022

47Billion Empowers Top Management with Stanford Seed Transformation Program 2022

01 Feb 2023
47Billion Empowers Top Management with Stanford Seed Transformation Program

Santa Clara, January 30, 2023: 47Billion is a leading technology services company that has gained expertise in Data Analytics and Visualization, End-to-end Product Development, User Experience Design, and Machine Learning. The company supports and ensures its people’s upskilling, learning, and unlearning as per rapidly evolving technology. With this philosophy at its core, the company’s top management underwent a year-long Seed Transformation Program by The Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

The rigorous program allowed them to work on a “Business Transformation Plan” covering all the aspects of entrepreneurship – Vision, Mission, Value Capture, Competition, SMART Goals, Segmentation, Go-to-Market, Culture, Employees, Operations, Financials, and Risk Management.

Stanford Seed Transformation Program for Established Entrepreneurs is an 11-month, in-person, and online business program designed exclusively for CEOs or founders and their management teams who run the most remarkable businesses throughout Africa and South Asia. Participants embrace concepts and methods to expand and develop their businesses and significantly contribute to their communities.

Rajeev Dixit, CTO, 47Billion, quotes, “A year-long program by the Stanford University Graduate School of Business was an opportunity to step back from day-to-day operations and focus on the big picture. It compelled us to think about our long-term vision for the company.

The top management at 47Billion is now committed to the Business Transformation Plan we built together.

I am proud of our leadership team at 47Billion, who collaborated and executed the program. We are incredibly grateful to all the faculties at Stanford Seed for being great mentors.”

The mentors for 47Billion from Stanford were Harish Arnezath, Michelle Maria Thomas, and P R Ganapathy from Stanford Seed.

At 47Billion, we believe that entrepreneurship contributes to the country’s economic growth and benefits the community. Hence, we have introduced the Intrapreneurship program. It offers a stake to our employees in the projects they are working on – over and beyond their salary. Our employees are the true partners in our success, and we validate this claim by supporting their innovations and rewarding their hard work.

The company has guided over 100 companies worldwide toward digital transformation. These include industry stalwarts, SMBs, and notable angel-backed startups. Some significant clients

are Cisco, Sodexo, Nazara, and the telecom giant, Jio. 47Billion has development hubs in California, Indore, and Bangalore. For more information, visit www.47billion.com.

You can reach us at hello@47billion.com