How Work Culture of the Organization can impact Productivity?

How Work Culture of the Organization can impact Productivity?

11 Nov 2019
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Peter Ducker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. A work culture can be a deal-breaker when it comes to defining the success of a company. Most companies have a relentless work culture to drive their financial success. But a growing body of research on positive organizational psychology demonstrates that a negative working environment is harmful to productivity whereas a positive environment leads to dramatic benefits for employers, employees and the company.

Assuming that stress and pressure will push the employees to perform better and faster can lead your organization to failures. They can be high healthcare expenditures, stress, accidents at the workplace, disengagement in work, and lack of loyalty.

For these reasons, some companies give special allowances to the employees, which creates a sense of wellbeing among the employees. A happy work culture can only be generated by the core belief of the company, which is set by the leaders. The behavior of leaders can change the vibe of the organization that ultimately inspires the employees to work for their goal. 

The positive work culture affects productivity when these factors are taken into consideration.

Setting Common Goal

All the goals and plans of the organization are required to be perceived by each member. The feeling of involvement in goal setting and planning procedures should foster in everyone’s heart. It is more important than preparing the list of objectives and procedures. Involving all the employees for setting the goal and its planning can lead to organizational clarity.

Promoting Integrity

How much cooperation exists among various units of the organization? The first question to be taken into consideration. Remove the red tape by forming temporary groups that are made up of people from various disciplines which will sidestep the hierarchical structures.

Mentoring for Leadership

An authoritarian style in a democratic culture can be disastrous because resistance is inevitable. Similarly, when democratic management is used in an authoritarian culture leads to chickens without head syndrome. People will never use their initiative while doing their jobs when they work in an authoritarian climate. They will not feel free to bring any changes in the system or get a feeling that their top managers are going to help them with any of their decisions. Ensure that the management style should match with the culture. 

Encouraging Experimentation

Human errors are possible in any of the work. An organization should be able to accept those errors and make its functionality better. This is only termed as organizational vitality. Taking risks for developing better methodologies in an organization should be promoted.

Investing in Employee Development

Every organization should have programs for people to develop themselves to their full potential. All the individuals should be appreciated for the work they do. How the organization works for its people determine whether or not it has a successful work culture.

A happening work culture cannot happen on its own. It is above the fun games and parties organized in offices. It is beyond the motivational quotes and paintings put on the pillars and walls, and beautiful furniture littered across the office. All the stuff looks beautiful and pleasant but it does not change the core belief of your company. Great organization work culture is more important than perks. It inspires employees to give their best.

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