IoT, Big Data and Computer applications working collaboratively

IoT, Big Data and Computer applications working collaboratively

02 Oct 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most important technological revolutions ever. The internet is changing from people to information connected to a mega-network that links everything around us.

It is an extension of computing and networking capabilities to smaller devices enabling them to interact with each other without human intervention. Therefore IoT has given devices without screens the ability to connect to the internet and access live data by themselves. 

IoT is all about removing friction and making life easier. With smart devices, you can control the simple processes in your day to day life. For example, your heating system could work with the motion sensors inside the house and the temperature sensors outside the house to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house when you are present.

The internet of things brings all these exciting possibilities and much more.

Where does Big Data come in the picture?

Big data analytics has played a significant role in the IoT revolution. IoT provides a great amount of data. Information is fetched from the raw data using Big data Analytics. These gathered insights are used for reflective, predictive, and prescriptive analysis and actions.

IoT, Big Data and Mobile Applications

The Internet of things and big data have allowed a new wave of application development. These two innovations enable the combination of sensors, devices, networks and cloud technologies to yield countless new approaches for application. They facilitate human-device interaction and device-device connectivity. Mobile phones can function as sensors as users can use native OS functionality to collect data from a vast array of devices in the IoT network. 

These applications connect human users to devices with ease. These apps are bridging the smart objects with smartphones, smartwatches.


The new sensing applications need enhanced computing capabilities to handle the requirements of complex and huge data processing. IoT, big data analytics, and mobile applications, all working together seamlessly provide an entire intelligent ecosystem for the future.

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