47Billion is taking UN Sustainability Goals to the next level of impact

47Billion is taking UN Sustainability Goals to the next level of impact

18 May 2023

47Billion is announcing an enhanced business strategy formulated to maximize the combined impact of its technologies, solutions, and capabilities.

SANTA CLARA, CA, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — 47Billion is committed to improving the environment through innovative global business strategies, through the projects it works on, ways it makes operations more sustainable, supports its people, manages risks and governs our activities. 

47Billion is announcing an enhanced business strategy formulated to maximize the combined impact of its technologies, solutions, and capabilities to address some of the biggest global challenges and support the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

The Strategy is built on five pillars – Environment, Industrial Digitalization, Security & Privacy, Bridging the Digital Gaps, and People.

Sustainability is core to 47Billion’s purpose of developing solutions that help the world to function in an ecosystem. 

Through five pillars, the company aims at – 

Environment – 47Billion aims to be the leader in the conservation of resources and further leveraging technology to optimize green operations worldwide. The company is already developing solutions that track the usage of carbon footprint in automobile supply chains, help in water conservation in areas affected by drought through trading systems, manage the agriculture supply chain, and save aquatic life through GIS tracking. 

Industrial Digitization – The company is bringing connectivity around the globe through its innovative farming solutions. They are helping transform traditional farming practices into precision-based vertical farms. This is further leading to the development of sustainable cities, with better food supply and conservation of resources. Also, it has been working on various projects leading to more engaging education centers globally, mainly based on Machine Learning. 

Security and Privacy - The organization ensures a common security baseline for all its products and services. The product development follows the Design and Security methodology to build a secure lifecycle. They develop their solutions compliant with regulations for various domains.

Scaling our portfolio every year with a vision to drive innovation has been our motive. That is why our team dedicatedly works on projects that deliver measurable impact to global challenges.”

— Amol Vaidya (CEO 47Billion)

47Billion aims at bridging the digital gaps with their departmental guidelines that are adhered to by every professional working there. 

Lastly, 47Billion’s people-centric approach is aimed at creating a sustainable and connected world. The company is internally driven by its workforce, who work closely on every agenda, work on challenges relevant to the surroundings, and mitigate them through their technology-driven procedure.

The company leverages its portfolio strengths and innovation lab’s research to deliver solutions that add value to UN Sustainability Development Goals.

When the world is driving towards generative AI models the epicenter that drives personalized user experience is changing. As 47Billion we believe in moving beyond the tech trends but maintaining the customer experience and quality delivery simultaneously.

47Billion believes it has a unique opportunity to address some of the world’s most significant challenges where connectivity and digitalization play a critical role. The company looks forward to maximizing its impact and working with its customers and stakeholders.

About 47Billion

47Billion, as the name suggests, drives innovation with its product engineering capabilities and IT services. Every firm functioning from various parts of the world helps organizations and startups become leaders wherever they compete. 

With a decade of expertise in User Experience & Design, Data Analytics, Data Visualization and Machine Learning, and End-to-end product development, our team of experienced strategists, designers, and developers work closely at all the stages of the product journey from conception to delivery. 

Our work is a collaboration of creativity, implementation, and innovation. We deliver exceptional quality in the estimated time with end-to-end support.

We have been working with several well-established brands; some of them involve Personagraph, L-Squared Networks, Cisco, Agrilife Technologies, Sodexo, Cavohealth, APFM, and Jio. 

Our work areas involve health tech, banking and financial services, agriculture, edtech, telecom, logistics, ad-tech, and tourism.

Also, the company has constantly invested in outstanding people of diverse talents and backgrounds to empower them with cutting-edge tech and help them excel in their respective fields.  

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